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                Z - LABEL(TAIZHOU) CO.,LTD.

                Company profile

                  (Z-INTERNATIONAL INC.)Has a history of 30 years, Pharos (Taizhou) Co. Ltd. is a stationery Chinese, its investment in wholly foreign-owned enterprises.
                  At the end of 2009, the Florida - based American Chinese label company(CHINA LABEL INC.) take over Z-INTERNATIONAL INC. Increase investment, and add equipment to strengthen and expand the beacon (Taizhou) the strength of the company, actively expand business in the whole world label market, product marketing in Europe and the world, as a global leader in self-adhesive labels, label film, reflective film products industry. Beacon (Taizhou) company is long-term in the world many famous suppliers, its customers such as WAL-MART、OFFICE DEPOT、TARGET DOLLAR GENERALAll of them are famous businesses in the United States and the world.